Building a Unique GIS Website without Coding by Brand New SuperGIS Server 10

Building a Unique GIS Website without Coding by Brand New SuperGIS Server 10

Supergeo, the global leading GIS software provider, is glad to announce its brand-new GIS server software, SuperGIS Server 10, is expected to be launched in the mid-November! Inheriting the high performance and user-friendly interface from SuperGIS Server 3 series, SuperGIS Server 10 is the last but, however, the most significant product of SuperGIS 10 generation.

Supergeo empowers this next-generation SuperGIS Server with Web Mapper, the easy-to-use component to help developers customize their GIS website within few clicks. By checking few boxes and configuring desired widgets, instead of coding JavaScript, users only need few minutes to complete whole layout setting. Publishing and customizing GIS website could be much easier with Web Mapper.

Unlike other GIS software, SuperGIS Server does not force developers and users to register online accounts of Supergeo to use the GIS server or published web services. In other words, developers can simply install SuperGIS Server on their server computer and get rid of paying subscription fee regularly. Furthermore, SuperGIS Server does not set a limit on database size and the number of visitors. If the local server environment is powerful enough, the administrator can let as many as possible visitors to browse the published GIS website. Also, managers can set different authorization levels for users to ensure the secret data won’t be seen by random people.

SuperGIS Server 10 is scheduled to be released in the late Q4 of 2017. If any user wants to experience the beta version, please contact with

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