Crime Mapping by Delhi Police to Tackle Crime Against Women

Crime Mapping by Delhi Police to Tackle Crime Against Women

crime against womenIn recent news, in response to a PIL filed by Nandita Dhar through advocate Gaurav Kumar Bansal alleging instances of eve-teasing in Delhi, the Delhi High Court ordered Delhi Police to map the crime zones in Delhi.

After going through the mapping chart and tables, Delhi High Court said the crime against the women occurred in certain pockets of city which has undergone rapid urbanization. Semi urban and semi rural areas are hot spot of crime against women. Where as Central Delhi and rural areas are free from such offences.


A bench of acting Chief Justice BD Ahmed and Justice S Mridul made said:

“A sociologist should go there and see what the reason for such crimes occurring there is,” the court said, adding there are many other urbanised villages where such crimes do not occur.

It said Delhi Police “should also carry out sociological study to understand why such crimes occur in such areas.”

The court said a “rifled approach” is needed to tackle the issue of crimes against women, particularly now when the crime-mapping data is available. “Have a rifled approach. You have these areas in sight. Increased policing in these areas can be effective. If you police, eve-teasing, molestation and rapes will go down,” the bench said.



Source: IBN Live


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