GeoMax Zipp10 Pro With Handy New Additions to the Entry Level Total Station

GeoMax Zipp10 Pro With Handy New Additions to the Entry Level Total Station

GeoMax Zipp10 ProGeoMax has introduced some first class improvements to the Zipp10 Pro Total Station Series, designed to make sure the data you need is always at hand. A USB port and an integrated, removable memory stick allows data and files to be swiftly exchanged between total station and the office. The USB host interface can upgrade your instrument to the latest firmware and transfer to an ASCII file directly in the field.

Importing and exporting data in a configurable ASCII format has never been easier. A full numerical keyboard with navigation key gives quick access to all on-board applications and functions. Use the three additional mode keys to change the display content in the measurement screen.

The new Zipp10Pro has a host of great features that make it the ideal tool for surveying and construction tasks. These include: angular accuracies of 2”, 5”; 250m reflectorless range; dedicated telescope for ergonomic manual aiming; laser plummet and quadruple axis compensation.

More details on the Zipp Pro 10 Series can be seen here:

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