Telangana State to go for Topographical Survey of Godavari River

Telangana State to go for Topographical Survey of Godavari River

According to recent news in Indian Express, the Telangana state government is determined to optimal utilization of allocated Godavari water falls. The state government has decided to go for topographical survey of river stretch passing through the state.

The state irrigation department has proposed that topographical survey of river will provide crucial information for development of water resources, planning of new projects or construction canals and check dams. The topographic survey will cover slopes, banks and other lands.

The topographical survey of Godavari will be taken up right from Sripada Yellampally project site to Dummugudem project site.

godavari river basin

The state government has also decided to utilise Lidar technology to conduct a study on the Pranahita-Chevella project. Lidar technology will be limited to the proposed Medigadda barrage near Kaleswaram, whereas the topographical survey will be carried out on the entire stretch of Godavari in the state, officials said.

The barrage alignment at Medigadda, the alignment of proposed canal from Medigadda to Yellampalli will be decided through the latest Lidar technology.

The irrigation department has called for expression of interest (EOI) from consultancy firms engaged in topographical surveys. The last day for submitting the EOI is August 11, 2015.

“We want to utilise Godavari waters fully. The survey is intended to identify where check dams could be constructed and how the water could be diverted,” engineer-in-chief C Muralidhar.

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