GLONASS + GPS = Many Advantages

GLONASS + GPS = Many Advantages

The system GPS (Global Positioning System) has revolutionized in recent years the techniques of surveying. But the GPS system is not the only existing satellite constellation, in fact at the end of the 80’s former Soviet Union developed the system GLONASS. In recent years we have witnessed the performance of many initiatives born with the clear intention of spreading the knowledge and proper disclosure of GPS technology (conferences, meetings, courses, events), but very rarely or almost never during these initiatives has been fairly discussed GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System).

The lack of information and knowledge has made to date the system GLONASS little known and therefore underestimated. 

Through this post I would like to share the advantages of using GPS and GLONASS together. In present market lots of manufacturer are making common or a single receiver for both GPS and GLONASS. Trimble, Sokkia, Topcon, Garmin, Leica and etc. are manufacturing a single antenna or receiver to harness the advantage of GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation system.

If more satellites are observed and therefore using both at the same time the constellations the main advantages are:

  • Saving in times of acquisition
  • Precisions high accurate
  • Reduction of values of PDOP and GDOP
  • Greater productivity in phase of relief especially in the cases in which natural obstacles (trees, houses, etc.) they limit the opening to the sky and therefore the reception of signals.


With a planning program, the availability of the satellites can be verified is GPS that GLONASS, in the arc of 24 hours.

Satellite Availability and DOPs for a Point

Satellite Availability and DOPs for a Point



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