Harxon Releases Rover Radio for RTK Surveying and GNSS Positioning

Harxon Releases Rover Radio for RTK Surveying and GNSS Positioning

Harxon has introduced an advanced, high-speed, Bluetooth-enabled wireless rover radio.The HX-DU1603D, designed for GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning, will be showcased this September at the Intergeo trade show in Berlin.

The HX-DU1603D is a lightweight, ruggedized UHF receiver designed for data communications between 410 MHz and 470 MHz in either 12.5 KHz or 25 KHz channels, which can be widely used in GNSS/RTK surveying and GNSS precise positioning fields.

It is equipped with a Bluetooth transceiver for wireless communications with external devices. It features a 6800 mAh rechargeable internal battery and configurable transmit power between 0.5W and 2W. Its IP67 waterproof capability allows long operating hours outdoors, the company said.

The HX-DU1603D rover radio is easy to operate and use. It is equipped with a 1.9-inch display screen that supports frequency, protocols, power display, serial port baud rate and air baud rate. By deploying these technologies, users can instantly communicate with GNSS precise positioning receivers with the same protocols throughout the world.

The rover radio HX-DU1603D has joint Harxon product lines, including 25W base radio HX-DU8602T with simplex and 35W base radio HX-DU8608D with duplex.

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