Indian Meteorological Department Deploys a Web GIS Solution to Deliver Real-time Weather Forecast

Indian Meteorological Department Deploys a Web GIS Solution to Deliver Real-time Weather Forecast

India Meteorological Department-web gis solutionAccording to recent news by The Times of India, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has deployed a web GIS solution in order to deliver real-time highway weather forecast updates. The Highway forecasts have been recently added to the list and cater to the requirements of people travelling on highways, considering the economics involved in the delay of goods due to weather conditions.

The new application will help IMD in taking decisions quickly, highway repair and flyover construction activities, incident and emergency management, life and property protection, automated geospatial database management, pre-determination of warnings against extreme climatic phenomena, like dust storms, heavy rains, heat waves, etc. in near real time mode.

Esri ArcGIS offered IMD a platform that had flexibility and comprehensive tools and functionalities to develop applications that could ingest data from satellites, radars, and hydrological resources. Its Web Feature Services (WFS) and WMS services in turn allowed its end users to use geometry and attributes for flexible and quick geospatial analysis.

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