Indonesian Mining Company Adaro Selects SuperSurv

Indonesian Mining Company Adaro Selects SuperSurv

supergeo in minningSupergeo is glad to announce that PT Adaro Indonesia has selected SuperSurv to assist spatial data collection in the field.

Founded in 1982, Jakarta, PT Adaro Indonesia is the core subsidiary of Adaro Energy, one of the largest mining and energy group in Indonesia. Adaro Group operates the biggest single-site coal mine in the southern hemisphere in Kalimantan.

SuperSurv is one of the most popular GIS apps of Supergeo and supports two mainstream mobile operating systems- iOS and Android. Other than general GIS capabilities like spatial data creation and deletion, SuperSurv can reach sub-meter precision with ease by its NTRIP solution. The support for OGC standard WMS and WMTS can help users integrate various online resources in the field.

For a coal mining company, SuperSurv is an ideal tool to measure the perimeter of the pit and estimate the volume of extracted coal. By integrating these data with other information, the manager can arrange the schedule and make decisions in a more precise way.

In the first half of 2017, Supergeo Product Team will release the brand-new SuperSurv 10. Other than the overall improvement in performance, many new features like the support for Geospatial PDF, WFS-T, Google Drive and Dropbox storage, and Quick Report will certainly boost your productivity.

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