Iran to Launch up to Two Satellites by the End of This Persian Year

Iran to Launch up to Two Satellites by the End of This Persian Year
AUTSAT 1 (Amir-Kabir 1)

AUTSAT 1 (Amir-Kabir 1)

According to recent news by the TECHRASA, the Head of Iranian Space Agency had recently announced that Iran would launch up to two satellites by the end of this Persian year.

Mohsen Bahrami the Head of Iranian Space Agency has informed that the design and manufacture process of Nahid 1, design of AUTSAT (Amir-Kabir 1) and Doosti, are also finished. Moreover, one of the Communications Satellite or Remote Sensing Satellite would be launched by the end of this Persian year.

Also, the contract for the launch of Nahid 1 by a domestic Launch Vehicle would be signed next week and the contract for manufacturing of Nahid 2 is going to be signed with Iranian Space Research Center next month. And it’s not the end, production of Pars satellite is also on the list of Iranian Space Agency.

Iranian Space Agency aims to make the applications of aerospace more tangible to everyday life, “In order to do that we would support the science-based and private companies that are active in this sector,” said Mohsen Bahrami.

AUTSAT or Amir-Kabir 1 has been designed AUT (AmirKabir University of Technology) and Iran Space Agency signed a

Doosti Satellite

Doosti Satellite

production agreement on AUTSAT satellite. The satellite’s total weight is 70-80 kilograms and can be used to assess damages inflicted by earthquakes, droughts and other natural disasters, contributing to the reduction of casualties. The satellite is also capable of surveying agricultural lands. The Doosti (Means Friendship in Farsi) satellite is also a remote sensing satellite and it’s being developed by the Remote Sensing Laboratory of the Iranian Space Agency and is expected to weigh about 50kg.

Mesbah satellite which was due to be built by Iran in cooperation with Italy’s Carlo Gavazzi Space is also another hot topic. Due to the sanction, this satellite was never launched by Russia and Italy.

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