MoU Signed Between Iran and Tajikistan to Promote Geomatic Sciences Research

MoU Signed Between Iran and Tajikistan to Promote Geomatic Sciences Research

Iran and Tajikistan have taken a significant step to enhance their cooperation in the field of geomatic sciences by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU). The agreement, which was signed in Tehran by Ali Javidaneh, the Director General of Iran’s National Cartographic Center (NCC), and Khojazoda Orif Ashuri, Chairman of Tajikistan’s State Committee for Land Management and Geodesy, marks a pivotal moment in the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

This MoU aims to foster collaboration in geomatic sciences, a field that encompasses various disciplines such as geodesy, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, and cartography. The agreement highlights the potential for both countries to leverage their expertise and resources to advance their capabilities in these areas. Javidaneh noted that this agreement is a milestone for Iran and Tajikistan, potentially paving the way for more in-depth scientific and technical cooperation​.

Ashuri emphasized the strategic importance of this collaboration, describing it as a crucial step toward solidifying and strengthening bilateral relations. Both officials acknowledged the high potential and capabilities within their respective countries to expand cooperation under this new framework. Tajikistan’s Ambassador to Iran, Nezamoddin Zohidi, also expressed optimism that the MoU would accelerate bilateral cooperation in geomatic sciences and enhance the export of technical and engineering services from Iran to Tajikistan​​.

The signing of this MoU is part of a broader context of increasing cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan. Recently, the two countries have signed a total of 18 cooperation documents across various fields, including long-term trade, economic cooperation, culture, and crisis management. These agreements reflect the ongoing efforts by both nations to deepen their strategic and long-term relations, particularly in the face of regional and global challenges​​.

This MoU on geomatic sciences is expected to bring numerous benefits, such as improved accuracy in land management, enhanced environmental monitoring, and better infrastructure planning. As both nations continue to face challenges related to urbanization and environmental sustainability, the cooperation facilitated by this MoU could lead to significant advancements in their ability to manage natural resources and urban development more effectively.

The MoU between Iran and Tajikistan represents a significant commitment to advancing geomatic sciences through collaborative efforts. This agreement not only strengthens their bilateral relationship but also sets the stage for future cooperation in other scientific and technical fields, fostering a closer partnership between the two countries.

Source: Nour News, Iran Front Page, Tasnim News​.

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