Geospatial Technologies Picking Up Greater Momentum

Geospatial Technologies Picking Up Greater Momentum

Credit: NFPA

Credit: NFPA

With the advancement in Remote Sensing and development in Geographic Information System and Global Positioning System, the applications of Geospatial Technologies in various fields have picked up greater momentum, a top official said today.

This will also help develop an important database on the natural resources of India, which will support informed decision making in various development program and management activities, Dr V P Duraisami, special officer, Directorate of Natural Resource Management, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, said.

He was speaking at the inauguration of a 21-day training program on ‘Geospatial Technologies’ organised by Department of Science and Technology, Delhi.

Speaking about the development of aerial and space based remote sensing program in India and its applications in various fields including agriculture, Duraisami said a study projected GIS market in India to grow with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 8.19 per cent during 2012-16.

DST is keen on developing human resources in the application of geospatial technologies under Natural Resource Data Management System (NRDMS) program and sponsored the program to TNAU.

“The human resource development in the field of Geospatial technologies is still in the developing stage and is not matching with the demand and keeping in mind DST is funding the National Institutes and State Universities to conduct this kind of training program to researchers and academicians.”

This is the third such opportunity offered to TNAU by DST-NRDMS which is being conducted from today to October 20, he added.

There are 18 participants from different national institutes and Universities and Government departments attending this program.

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