No Auto-rickshaw Without GPS to Ply on Delhi Roads

No Auto-rickshaw  Without GPS to Ply on Delhi Roads

autorickshawIn view of passenger safety, the Delhi government has decided not to allow autorickshaws plying in Noida, Ghaziabad, Sonipat and Faridabad without GPS to enter into the national capital.

The government will issue permits only to 2,750 autos of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh each, which will allow them to ply on Delhi roads.
“Keeping the safety of passengers, especially women, in mind, we will not allow NCR autos which do not have Global Positioning System (GPS) installed to ply on roads in the national capital,” said a senior government official.

The official said to ply on Delhi roads autorickshaws of NCR cities should have electronic metres, which is mandatory for plying in Delhi, and the same fare structure.

Around a year ago, former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit had made installation of GPS in city’s autorickshaws mandatory in the aftermath of the December 16 gang rape.

“Autos of Noida, Ghaziabad, Sonipat and Faridabad will have to fulfil all requirements what Delhi’s autorickshaws need to ply here. These autos will be given colour code and logo for easy recognition,” he added.

The issuance of permits to NCR autos will be a major relief to the NCR residents, who work in the national capital. These people have to leave Delhi-registered autos on the border and then take another to reach their destination.

Meanwhile, Delhi autorickshaw unions have opposed the government’s decision to issue NCR permits, contending that it will increase the crime rate in Delhi.

“We are against NCR permits to autos of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana as they will collapse the city’s transportation system in the national capital.

“For instance, an auto plying across the border can now go to Connaught Place and other VIP areas of Delhi, which may lead to a rise in the crime rate and it will be difficult for police to find out the driver involved in the crime,” said Rajendra Soni, general secretary of Delhi Autorickshaw Sangh.

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