PDF3D Provides Access to the Fourth Dimension in C Tech’s New 4D Visualisation Tool

PDF3D Provides Access to the Fourth Dimension in C Tech’s New 4D Visualisation Tool

In the latest major release, C Tech Development Corporation (CTECH) announced Earth Volumetric Studio, a rich modular environment with embedded 4D PDF generation based on PDF3D systems.

The latest offering from C TECH is a stand-alone Windows application that includes advanced volumetric gridding, geostatistical analysis, geologic layer separation and 4D visualization.

Used for many types of data such as soil, ground water, surface water, air, noise, and resistivity, this new tool integrates the best features from C Tech’s Environmental Visualization System and Mining Visualization System tools into a software system developed to address the data-sharing needs of all earth science disciplines. With the new user-friendly 4D visualization feature, earth scientists, engineers, planners, and geologists around the world can demonstrate how volumetric data changes over a specific period, in a visually rich, animated 3D PDF.

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4D visualization is a powerful way to present or evaluate data in any industry that works with 3D modelling images and schedules or sequences. The fourth dimension in this context relates to the stimulated animation element, which shows how the 3D data changes or evolves over time.

In the Earth Volumetric Studio tool, this transient interactive 3D animation is captured and published into 3D PDF documents where it can be sent to clients, project managers or the many expert collaborators involved in earth science projects. This extends the PDF3D integration announced in 2013 (see PDF3D C TECH Partnership Press Release) and is reaching and expanding community of professionals using 3D PDF to communicate complex analysis results.

“The ability for scientists and engineers to communicate and share visualization results is critical in distributed organizations.” comments Reed Copsey Sr., President & CEO of C Tech, “The PDF3D integration with Earth Volumetric Studio brings access to a broader community. From 3D plume dispersion, to 3D GIS integration we see a lot of use here, and we are very pleased with the rapid support and nimble responsiveness of the PDF3D development team.”

About C TECH

C Tech Development Corporation (www.ctech.com) is a research and development company focused on Earth Science software for environmental, oceanic, archeology, mining and geologic data analysis and visualization. Founded in 1989, C Tech has hundreds of customers and thousands of users including the United Nations, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Environment Canada, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Department of Energy Laboratories, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, U.S. Department of Transportation, and the majority of the world’s largest engineering and environmental consulting firms.

About PDF3D

PDF3D (www.pdf3d.com) produce a suite of widely respected software products and plugins for engineers, scientists and developers who need to communicate complex data and 3D models to others in the universally accessible PDF format. PDF3D’s technology provides the fastest and easiest-to-use, highly compressed 3D PDF conversion available for an ever-increasing range of formats and tools. From 3D CAD to GIS, DWG and LIDAR, PDF3D works closely with users and programmers within the engineering, geospatial, geology, aerospace, architecture, medical and product packaging communities worldwide.

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