RMSI Develops Award-Winning Land Record Information Management System for the Department of Land Management and Archive (DOLMA), Nepal


RMSI, a global leader in geospatial and engineering solutions, was commissioned by The Department of Land Management and Archive (DOLMA), Nepal, to deliver a web-based solution, Land Record Information Management System (LRIMS), to capture land-related transactions, one of the significant initiatives of the project. DOLMA was awarded the “Digital Governance ICT Award”, a prestigious information and communication technology award for its success in automating land transaction processes.

DOLMA launched the service in all 126 offices covering 77 districts across Nepal alongside successful operation in 14 Land Revenue Offices.

RMSI developed the bilingual land-based application in Nepali and English languages. A centralized system operated through an intranet makes the information more secure and available in real-time. Integrating web applications with biometric devices and unique identification numbers like Citizenship ID safeguards land and property information and ensures correct and accurate Tax Management Collection.

RMSI digitized millions of land records and implemented the solution upon established standards such as NeGIF and GEA. A few of the critical modules provided by LRIMS are the Deed Registration, Namsari, Amendment, Land Reform, Guthi Land and Heritages, Land Registration, Da-Kha, Halsavik, Rokka, Fukuwa, and Land Reform using a modern, open architecture while enhancing specific elements and integrating with other systems.

The project objective was to offer easy access to information related to land tax, pending taxes & generating reports. It maintains digital records of the land transactions, implementing business rules for ensuring correct data is entered into the system, ensures data integrity and easy access to land information. Further, it also introduced PIN (Parcel Identification Number) & LIN (Land-ownership Identification Number) for the country.

Mr. Pitamber Ghimire, Director General of DOLMA said, “We are delighted to partner with RMSI for this engagement. Being an exceptional leader in providing GIS and Mapping solutions with a proven experience, they successfully built a user-friendly platform that provides easy access to all information related to land records and land-related transactions.”

“RMSI was delighted to partner with DOLMA to create a transparent technology ecosystem and share the objective of delivering seamless land-related services to the citizens of Nepal. This recognition is a testament of our deep domain geospatial expertise and notable success in helping our customers design modern and robust systems leveraging innovative technologies like GIS,” said Mr. Anup Jindal, CEO and Joint MD of RMSI.

About RMSI – Maximizing Business Value

RMSI is a global IT company providing geospatial and software solutions to clients in sectors ranging from utilities, communications, navigation & location-based services, natural resources, land & infrastructure, to government & funding agencies.

RMSI is one of the largest geospatial employers with over 5000 resources and is consistently ranked amongst the top employers. RMSI has three state-of-the-art development centers in India and five fully owned international subsidiaries in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and the Middle East.

For more information on RMSI, please visit www.rmsi.com

RMSI Press Contact: Shivangi Agarwal Shivangi.Agarwal@rmsi.com Mobile: 91-9818216333 RMSI Pvt. Ltd, A-8, Sector 16, Noida 201 301, India

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