Southampton Town, NY Launches Website Mapping Out Historic Places

Southampton Town, NY Launches Website Mapping Out Historic Places

Southampton Town, historic division has launched a new website highlighting historic structures and places. The website detail maps of 18 walking, biking and driving routes throughout the town.

The website was created as part of the 375th anniversary of the first English settlers arriving in Southampton.

There are 18 tours on the website, 14 of which are designed primarily for driving and biking. The site also includes cemetery tours, with links to another town site that details the town’s historic burying grounds. A limited-edition print handout of the tours will be made available through the town this fall.

Southampton Town New York Website Mapping Out Historic Places

The project took the shape almost in a year and has cooperative efforts of several people of different department. The website also features written narratives for each of the town’s historic properties and working with each of the hamlets’ historical societies.

“The historic division within my office has created this town wide comprehensive historic walking, biking and driving tour as a way to highlight the town’s historic landmarks and route them out in strategic routes within the hamlets and villages of Southampton Town,” Town Clerk Sundy Schermeyer explained last week.

“I really think it is spectacular,” Ms. Schermeyer said. “It really is a snapshot of what remains for us to enjoy today.”


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