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World Bank Has Chosen UAV for Innovative Local Mapping

The World Bank is implementing a $12 million Real Estate and Cadastre Project to assist the government in producing a national cadastre system and geospatial data infrastructure. The team has


The Irish Aviation Authority Issued Rules on the use of Drones in Ireland

In light of the increased use of drones, police in the UK have seen a spike in over 2,000% in drone related calls. Many of these calls are as a


New Technique to Help Drones Manoeuvre Safely in Mountains

Beijing – Scientists have developed a new technology that can allow unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to manoeuvre safely in plateau mountain regions. The UAVs designed for plateau missions are usually


Putting UAVs to Work: Construction Firms Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Putting UAVs to Work: Construction Firms Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Date: November 18, 2015  |  1:00 PM (EST)  The fascination surrounding UAVs (or drones) is undeniable, and some of the


PrecisionHawk Joins the U.S. Department of Transportation and FAA in the Creation of a Safety Task Force for UAS

The task force will collaborate on the development of a streamlined registration process for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) PrecisionHawk has announced its contribution to a safety task force created by

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Underwater Drones to Map Oceans

MIT, Hydroswarm, a new startup developing underwater drones that automatically work together, instead has visions of mapping the entire ocean. Hydroswarm is an adaptable, smart drone platform for underwater explanation.


Nigeria to Use Drones to Fight Insecurity and Insurgency

According to recent news, Surveyors of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS) and seasoned security experts, including Ade Abolurin, retired commandant-general; Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps have given advice to

Remote Sensing

Drones to Access Crop Condition and Farming Possibilities

Drones in agriculture have transformed the way of capturing remotely sensed data and have proven their capability in many other domains. With the capability of acquiring high resolution data (spatial, spectral,


Rice Associates, Inc. Enters Drone World Through Partnership With Navigator CS, LLC

MANASSAS, VA – Rice Associates, Inc. and Navigator CS, LLC have announced the formation of a business partnership that will allow Rice Associates, Inc. to utilize Navigator’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems


md4-1000 from Microdrones Reviewed By the Geo-matching Community

The Geo-matching.com website features a selection of the most important geomatics equipment, including UAS for Mapping and 3D Modelling. At www.geo-matching.com, you can compare product specifications and read users’ reviews