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SuperSurv 10.1 Supports New Raster Formats and Online Maps

As the information technology constantly evolves, the geospatial industry also grows fast. Currently, including many open source projects, numerous services are providing online maps to geospatial professionals. As professional and


Google Maps Will Soon Alert Drivers about Railroad Crossings

According to The New York Times, the Federal Railroad Administration, United States of America and Google have agreed to update its maps with crossing locations. The new maps will ensure


Play Pac Man with Google Maps on Your Streets

Recently Google Maps has launched “Pac Man” in Google Maps. Team at Google Maps has coded a web application that lets users turn any city into classic arcade of game with hungry


Google Mapping Comes Under CBI Scrutiny

CBI has registered a preliminary enquiry (PE) against internet giant Google over Mapathon 2013, an event organised by the U.S. company, for allegedly violating laws by mapping sensitive areas and


Google Mapmakers to Mark Crimea as Russian Territory

MOSCOW, April 11. /ITAR-TASS/. Google Russian-language mapmakers have marked Crimea as part of Russia. The world’s largest search engine has updated its mapping services maps.google.ru and maps.google.com, drawing a new state line between Crimea


Dubai to Implement 10-digit code for Geocoding

Municipality of Dubai is planning to launch a unique digital address system ‘Makani’ to find out any location in Dubai. An application called Makani supporting the Dubai grid addressing scheme has