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Fiji Launches Geographic Information System to Access Information, Strategic Planning and Crime Mapping

Mr. Faiyaz Koya, Minister for Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources has recently launched the Vanua Geographic Information System (GIS), is the first of its kind in Fiji – going to


Uttar Pradesh Police Launch India’s Largest Emergency Operation Center with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Software

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama, November 19, 2016 – Uttar Pradesh Police, the largest police force in India, has opened its state-wide, centralized “Dial 100” Emergency Operation Center in the provincial capital, Lucknow. It


Uttar Pradesh Police to Launch a Web-based Crime Mapping System

Uttar Pradesh Police will launch a web-based crime mapping system on April 1 for “preventive policing” in the state, under which information of all cases registered in last five years


Crime Mapping Tool for Better Crime Monitoring

Bair Analytics Inc. will be providing online crime mapping service to the London Police Service and public. Each occurrence is represented by an icon that, when selected, will reveal information about each