Vellore Corporation Introduce GIS for Streetlight

Vellore Corporation Introduce GIS for Streetlight

The Vellore Corporation is initiating a high-tech system to monitor and maintain streetlights.

Geographic Information System (GIS) to monitor streetlight would be implemented as a public-private partnership project at an estimated cost of `8 crore in the next couple of weeks.

The mission intends at cutting down the power consumption and improves the efficiency of monitoring and maintenance.

Corporation Engineer A P Baskaran said the new system, among facilitating other things, would help the Corporation in getting immediate feeedback about the performance of the streetlights,

This would help cut down the power consumption and the electricity bills by at least 40 per cent, he added.

The Corporation presently has around 17,726 streetlights within the city limit.

A Coimbatore-based company had conducted a study on the wastage of illumination, pole placement, lighting ambience and replacing the current lighting pattern with advanced LED/CFL lighting system, covering all parts of the city in the past two months and had come up with a report.

The company also examines the lighting pattern and the electricity consumption in the past three years, which was taken as the baseline for the study.


This report would be validated by a third party and the project would be implemented in the next couple of weeks, Baskaran said.

“It may be completed in the next three or four months,” noted the Corporation Engineer.

The entire streetlights could be monitored by a team of professionals from the company working on a contract basis for the next 10 years, once the project is implemented.

They would be provided with vehicles and uniforms by the Corporation.

Complaints about the street lights would be addressed instantly as the entire street lighting could be monitored by the Corporation online.

Source: Indian Express

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