Voxxlr 1.0 Has Been Released!

Voxxlr 1.0 Has Been Released!

March 06, 2018 – Voxxlr is a cloud based service to store, analyze and share large 3D point clouds entirely online. After years of development, version 1.0 has now been released. A vibrant user community has already been uploading data sets up to 60GB and 1.5 Billion points. As a stable version of Voxxlr is now going live, the research and development effort towards new features continues.

For an interactive demo of the Voxxlr editor and viewer, please follow the links below, ideally using a WebKit based browser such as Google Chrome.

Voxxlr-3D point cloud viewer

Voxxlr Viewer           Voxxlr Editor

In The Cloud

Voxxlr is capable of processing very large data sets using the vast computing resources of the Google Cloud infrastructure. Once a point cloud has been uploaded and processed, it becomes accessible via a standard web browser running the Voxxlr editor and 3D point cloud viewer. There is no need to install additional software and you are always working with the latest version.

Analysis Tools

Accurate measurement tools as well as different point cloud visualization techniques allow users to extract and highlight relevant information. Still in beta, but available upon request, is the ability to incorporate 3D models from Revit and other modelling tools. Further research and development is now underway to leverage the machine learning and vector processing infrastructure of the Google Cloud to create novel analysis and visualization tools.

Publication Tools

A growing number of publication tools allow users to create an interactive presentation of a point cloud containing different viewpoints and data overlays. A presentation can then be shared securely via a lightweight 3D viewer that is designed for easy navigation. An efficient point cloud streaming technique ensures optimal performance on a variety of devices ranging from high end desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

Metered Billing

A metered billing system measures the exact storage, bandwidth and computing resources used by each account. This allows Voxxlr to be cost effective in a number of different scenarios. For example, as a storage intensive backup service or as a bandwidth intensive collaboration and publishing tool. In either case, users only pay for exactly the resources they use. Of course, every new account also comes with a free evaluation budget.

System Integration

Voxxlr is designed to integrate tightly with existing IT infrastructure and other cloud storage solutions. In this scenario, all data remains on your own servers while Voxxlr acts as an index and visualization engine. For more information on integrating Voxxlr into existing IT infrastructure please contact info@voxxlr.com.

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