ActInSpace: The Space Technology Challenge

ActInSpace: The Space Technology Challenge

Airbus Defence and Space is partnering with the French and European space agencies (CNES and ESA*) to organise ActInSpace.

ActInSpace is a 24-hour contest where anyone can join a team and meet challenges such as ‘Design an application to see how your city changes in real time’, ‘Devise new services to assist the elderly or disabled’, or ‘Improve the handling of natural disasters’.

ActInSpace challenge

Inspired by the first ‘Space Hackathon’ organised by NASA, this dynamic contest is open to a wide audience and various benefits are expected to show that Space:

  • Brings a better life on Earth in a lot of areas (ex: monitoring of climate/environment, help for disabled people, new telecommunication/navigation services…)
  • Directly promotes economic development and entrepreneurship (ex: 4 start-ups have been created in the frame of the first edition of the challenge)
  • Drives innovation with “team-spirit”, especially among young people

The contest will take place on 20 and 21 May 2016 in about 30 cities across Europe, as well as one in Morocco and one in Brazil.


Win great prizes such as a zero-gravity flight on board the Airbus A300 ZERO-G, a trip to Kourou in French Guiana to live a rocket launch, a meeting with an Astronaut or a 100.000€1 voucher to order satellite data (Imagery, Elevation Model,…).

Space up your life and take part!


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