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Remote Sensing of Agriculture (NASS’ Cropland Data Layer Program)

Remote Sensing of Agriculture (NASS’ Cropland Data Layer Program)   Download Remote Sensing of Agriculture (NASS’ Cropland Data Layer Program “This blog does not host any contents or data. All the files linked


The New Geographers “Stories of Real People using GIS to Make a Difference” – ESRI

The New Geographers “Stories of Real People using GIS to Make a Difference” – ESRI The primary tool of the geographer is a map. What exactly is a map? A

Global Positioning System

Piksi RTK GPS Receiver Getting a Kickstart

Here’s an interesting kickstarter project that’s getting quite a kick! Enter the Piksi RTK GPS receiver, a low-cost GPS receiver boasting open source software, centimeter accuracy GPS collection, rugged design,

Global Positioning System

Now, Chennai autos GPS-fitted, Costlier

Chennai: In a first-of-its-kind development in the country, auto-rickshaws in Chennai will be fitted with a meter with a global positioning system (GPS) and electronic digital printer, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister


Web Maps for WordPress Plugin Connects with ArcGIS Online

Web Maps for WordPress is the best way to quickly and easily search for and insert authoritative maps directly into your blog posts and pages. Quickly and easily search and


OGP Releases P6 Seismic Bin Grid GIS Data Model

The International Association for Oil and Gas Producers (OGP, UK) has presented the OGP P6/11 seismic bin grid data exchange format. It defines parameters for a 3D seismic survey, aiming

Global Positioning System

Google releases Nexus 7 (2013) Update to Fix GPS, Touchscreen Issues

There’s a lot to like about the new Google Nexus 7 tablet. It has a high-resolution display with great viewing angles and color reproduction. It has a speedy processor. The

GIS Photogrammetry Remote Sensing

UAV System Allows GIS Professionals A Cost-effective Solution for Aerial Data

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 23, 2013 /CNW/ – Integrated Informatics Inc. now offers a complete aerial data solution, from data capture to analysis and data management, using senseFly’s eBee unmanned aerial


Climate Change is Indeed Faster and More Extreme Than We Feared?

When looking for “suitable” information Climate change is faster and more extreme than we feared – under this heading the British newspaper Telegraph has made ​​in the year 2008 press

Remote Sensing

Remotely Sensing the Complexity of Rivers and Estuaries

The coasts of oceans are rich and complex environments. Over half the world’s population live on the coast or along river systems. Water resources in these regions are used for