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Remote Sensing

Satellite image shows Thailand’s oil spill

BANGKOK – The oil spill that hit Thailand’s popular Koh Samet island appears to be moving to coastal areas of the eastern province of Rayong, threatening to worsen the impact


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

According to the UVS International definition, a UAV is a generic aircraft design to operate with no human pilot onboard. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) has recently become commercially available at


What is Geodesy?

What is Geodesy? Geodesy is the science which deals with the methods of precise measurements of elements of the surface of the earth and their treatment for the determination of

Remote Sensing

Maximum Value Composite Images (MVC’s): A solution for Cloudy Image to calculate NDVI

When the satellite views an area at any one time, a large part of the image may be cloud, which has a very low NDVI (approximately 0.002). This gives no


Total Station And Its Applications In Surveying

1. Introduction The Total station is designed for measuring of slant distances, horizontal and vertical angles and elevations in topographic and geodetic works, tachometric surveys, as well as for solution

Global Positioning System

Possible Applications of GPS

Since GPS is all-weather, real-time, continuously available, economic and very precise positioning technique, almost unlimited possibilities are opened up for its use in geodesy, surveying, navigation and related fields, including

Global Positioning System Surveying

GPS Field Observation and Data Processing

1. Planning of GPS observation Before starting a GPS Survey Campaign, the following points should be kept in mind. 1.1. Pre Survey planning:- A satellite “sky plot” or visibility chart

Global Positioning System Surveying

GPS Surveying Techniques

  There are wide variety of GPS applications, which is matched by a similar diversity of user equipment and techniques. Nevertheless, the most fundamental classification system for GPS technique is

Global Positioning System

Fundamentals of GPS Signal And Data

  1. GPS Signal Characteristics 1.1. Signal structure GPS satellite transmits signals at two frequencies, designated L1 and L2 on which three binary modulations are impressed.  The C/A- code, the

Global Positioning System

Introduction to GPS

GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM 1. Introduction The NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based radio positioning and time – transfer system designed, financed, deployed and operated by US Department of