CIDCO to Fight Encroachments Using Satellite Mapping

CIDCO to Fight Encroachments Using Satellite Mapping

cidcoNavi Mumbai: The City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra (CIDCO) has tied up with a Central government agency, which will provide satellite mapping every fortnight keeping an eye on encroachments in CIDCO areas.

CIDCO has prepared a plan to develop a smart city in Navi Mumbai and has envisaged an investment of Rs 34,777.40 crore which will be completely funded by the authority.

Managing director Sanjay Bhatia said it would ensure comprehensive surveillance of the city and identify encroachments to ensure prompt action.

Apart from that, the Smart City plan will have a host of services including air quality monitoring, data bank of medical history of patients admitted in hospitals, a link to pharmacies and computers and broadband connection for civic schools.

Also, several mobile applications and a citizens portal will help the civic authorities interface with the people and their issues.

The City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra (CIDCO) is a city planning organization created by the Government of Maharashtra. CIDCO was formed on 17 March 1970 under the Indian Companies Act of 1956. Its purpose at the time of its creation was to develop a satellite town to Mumbai, Maharashtra India to ease traffic congestion in the city and provide open spaces, playing fields, housing and industrial sites outside the city.

– Times of India

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