Customize your GIS platform easily with Python!

Customize your GIS platform easily with Python!

As a professional GIS work platform, SuperGIS Desktop has a variety of functions for map data management, data editing and data analyzing. SuperGIS Desktop also supports diverse databases and services delivered in OGC standards, which can fully meet your demands for spatial data processing and analyzing.

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Despite the diverse capabilities of commercial GIS software and numerous open source tools, there are still some needs for specific functions that are difficult to anticipate. Supergeo has long been committed to providing customization functions within SuperGIS Desktop so that users can add and adjust GIS tools at will and develop their own GIS working environment to exactly meet their needs. Unfortunately, while GIS users have the ability to process and analyze spatial data, most have limited experience in programming. As a result, the customization platform is rarely utilized by users, which is really a pity.

With that consideration, SuperGIS Desktop 10.0 will abandon the original customization function in VBA and turn to Python as the programming language for customization. Python is widely recognized as one of the most easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and easy-to-read programming languages. In addition to the original GIS tools of SuperGIS Desktop, you can also import the abundant module resources from Python, which can cover the needs from many fields. In comparison to other programming languages, you don’t have to develop modules by yourself very often. The customization tool of SuperGIS Desktop 10 will assist you to establish an ideal environment for data analysis and processing, which can improve the efficiency and productivity of customization.

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