Experts mull on using GIS for watershed management

Experts mull on using GIS for watershed management

New Delhi: Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI) and Department of Land Resources (DoLR) under the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) on Tuesday organised a one-day joint strategy workshop for MoRD’s flagship project “Integrated Watershed Management Programme” (IWMP). The event brought together the AGI member companies and government officials directly involved in the IWMP. The experts mulled on how geospatial technology could help optimise the efforts of all the government agencies involved in the project.

In the inaugural session, Rajesh C. Mathur, the first Vice President of AGI and Vice Chairman at NIIT GIS Ltd., talked about the role that geospatial industry could play to make IWMP a success. He said the technology could help build a geospatial vision and system architecture for data and services delivery for such immensely important projects. Mathur emphasised on developing geospatial-based decision support system for planning, management, monitoring and evaluating the project. B B Srivastava, Secretary of DoLR, presided the session. He opined that proper watershed management is so vital that its success is essential for food security in the country. Watershed management will ensure self-sustenance of the people, he added. While Srivastava talked on the importance of technology, he emphasised that technology should be discussed in a way that people should find it easy to understand. Earlier, Bharti Sinha, Executive Director of AGI, talked about how the AGI and the DoLR find it extremely important to openly discuss the role that geospatial technology could play to help watershed management in India. Ajay Seth, Vice President of AGI and Managing Director, Elcome Technologies Pvt. Ltd., welcomed the guests. He said it is essential to talk about how industry could be helpful in making projects such as IWMP successful. Kaushik Chakraborty, Convernor of AIG’s E-Governance Committee and Vice President APAC, Intergraph, concluded the inaugural session by thanking all present.

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