Golden Software Releases Preview of Enhanced Scientific Graphing Package

Golden Software Releases Preview of Enhanced Scientific Graphing Package

GOLDEN, Colorado, 15 October 2018 – Golden Software, a developer of affordable software for data visualization and analysis, has released Grapher Preview, an application that allows users of the Grapher scientific graphing package to assess enhancements under development and provide feedback prior to the next software release.

Used extensively by scientists and engineers in oil & gas operations, environmental consulting, mineral exploration, and academic research, Grapher gives users deeper insights into their data. The software provides 80 different 2D and 3D graphing tools for plotting, analyzing and displaying scientific data sets.

“Our development philosophy has always been to seek input from our customers when creating software upgrades,” said Golden Software CEO Blakelee Mills. “The Grapher Preview application lets them try new features early and tell us what they think before the new version is released.”

The Grapher Preview application is available now to all Grapher users with active maintenance. They can download the Preview, access new and updated features, and send comments and/or questions directly to the Golden Software development team. The new releases of Grapher (version 14) and Grapher Preview (version 15) are expected to be launched in Spring 2019.

Example of new Durov plotting function in Grapher.

New or enhanced capabilities in the Grapher Preview include:

Ability to create plots from data arranged in rows and columns – This new feature significantly reduces the data preparation time once required for users whose data sets came in rows, as is the case for some government statistics.

One-button Durov plots and Durov class plots – A powerful water geochemistry graphing function known as Durov plotting can be performed with a single click of the mouse, presenting results in a standardized format.

Easy multi-plot reporting – Users can now output numerous plots and present them in a well-formatted multiple-page document, using an established template as desired, to easily layout and generate a report of graphing and analysis results.

Details on Grapher Preview may be accessed here.

Other upgrades in Grapher Preview include the following:

  • Set the numeric format for fit curve statistics
  • Connect points with a smooth line in line plots
  • Use variable bar widths in bar charts
  • Vary fill colors for positive and negative bars in bar charts
  • Add plot labels to category bar charts
  • Save/Load weights for weighted average fit curves

“Grapher users will find the new and enhanced features make their plotting and analysis workflows faster and easier to complete,” said Mills.

Grapher integrates seamlessly with all Golden Software packages, including Surfer for data visualization and mapping, Voxler for 3D data rendering, and Strater for subsurface modeling.

About Golden Software

Founded in 1983, Golden Software is a leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software. Its customer base includes over 100,000 users involved in environmental consulting, oil and gas exploration and extraction, mining exploration and extraction, engineering, applied science, business, education, and government in 186 countries and territories. Golden Software offers six products: Surfer® for gridding, contouring and 3D surface mapping; Voxler® for 3D data visualization; Grapher™ for 2D and 3D graphing; Strater® for well log, borehole and cross section plotting; MapViewer™ for thematic mapping and spatial analysis; and Didger® for digitizing and coordinate conversion.

For additional information, visit or call 1-303-279-1021.

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