Google to End Support for Google Maps Engine

Google to End Support for Google Maps Engine

Google Maps EngineIn an official Google user group, it has been informed that  Google will end support for the Google Maps Engine.  Google will provide support for the Google Maps Engine (GME) product till January 29, 2016. After January 29, 2016, the product will be deactivated and no longer available for use.

Google Maps Engine provides a means to store geographic data and to layer that data on top of the Google base map. The data can consist of vector and/or raster (imagery) files.

The API provides full functionality for uploading the data into Google Maps Engine, for processing and maintaining the data, and for associating the data with the Google Maps Engine components that interact with the Google map.

In order to use the Google Maps Engine API to retrieve datasets that are under access control, you must have an active Google Maps Engine account.

From Google Group:

Dear Google Maps Engine trial user,

This email is to inform you about some changes to Google Maps Engine.

In an effort to provide world-class location content to consumers and businesses alike and to build on the strength of our infrastructure and capabilities, Google will end support for the Google Maps Engine (GME) product on January 29, 2016. After January 29, 2016, the product will be deactivated and no longer available for use. As an organization, we want to focus our efforts on delivering rich location content via our APIs, and enabling customers to take advantage of the capabilities provided by our Google Cloud Platform products.

Effective immediately, we will no longer be allowing new free sign-ups. However, your existing Google Maps Engine (GME) project will be available for use through January 29, 2016. The Google Maps Engine (GME) API will still be available throughout this time.

What alternative solutions are there for GME?

Google has scoped some alternative solutions for some common Google Maps Engine (GME) use cases. Please find the following resources on solutions for some particular use cases below (additional options will be added as they are scoped):

  • Create a map using Google My Maps
  • Building spatial applications with Google Cloud SQL and Google Maps API
  • Serving raster layers on Google Cloud Platform
  • Building a store locator with the Google Maps API and Cloud SQL

What will happen to my data?

By default, Google will remove any data from your Google Maps Engine (GME) project once support ends on January 29, 2016. Map Editors may also manually delete any dataset through the Google Maps Engine (GME) web application, and this data will be removed from our systems as well. Please see this technical whitepaper for more details. Data may be exported from your Google Maps Engine (GME) project using the instructions in this Help Center article. You may also export data from Google Maps Engine (GME) to Google Cloud SQL using interoperability software such as Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) or Safe Software FME Desktop, please see this Help Center article instead.

Will I still be able to use Maps API?

Yes, both the free and Google for Work versions of the Google Maps API will still be available for use in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions after GME and GME API support ends.

For additional questions, feel free to reach out to our Google Maps Engine Users group.


The Google Maps Engine Team


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