Google Maps Now Shows Public Toilets in New York City

Google Maps Now Shows Public Toilets in New York City

New York City (NYC) has implemented a new layer on Google Maps to display public restroom locations, addressing the ongoing challenge of finding accessible restrooms across the city. The official map showcases the operational public toilets in New York City – located within public parks, libraries, transit systems, and public spaces.

The initiative, known as “Ur in Luck,” is a comprehensive effort to make public restrooms more accessible and easier to locate for residents and visitors alike.

The map includes data from the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, NYC Department of Transportation, NYC Department of City Planning, New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, Queens Public Library, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

This map was last updated on June 4, 2024, and will be periodically updated throughout the year.

The city is also introducing 14 high-tech, self-cleaning automatic public toilets. These will be installed in public plazas and sidewalks to enhance the overall restroom experience. This initiative is part of a broader effort to improve street infrastructure and make public spaces more welcoming​.

The “Ur in Luck” campaign goes beyond just mapping existing restrooms. Over the next five years, New York City plans to build 46 new restrooms and renovate 36 existing ones, distributed as follows:

  • Bronx: 10 new or renovated restrooms.
  • Brooklyn: 23 restrooms.
  • Manhattan: 28 restrooms.
  • Queens: 14 restrooms.
  • Staten Island: 7 restrooms

Key Features of the Google Maps Layer

  1. Color-Coded Icons:
    • Green: Restrooms operated by NYC Parks.
    • Light Blue: Restrooms located within transit facilities (e.g., subway stations).
    • Black: Restrooms in public libraries.
    • Grey: Restrooms in privately-owned public spaces.
  2. Detailed Information:
    • Clicking on an icon reveals the restroom’s name, operator, hours of operation, type (e.g., single-stall, gender-neutral, or multi-stall), and whether it includes amenities like baby changing stations​.
  3. Accessibility:
    • The map provides details on whether the restrooms are accessible, helping those with disabilities find suitable facilities quickly​.
Google Maps Now Shows Public Toilets in New York City

Community Impact and Support

The initiative has received positive feedback from various community leaders and organizations. Teddy Siegel, the founder of the Got2GoNYC TikTok account, which helps New Yorkers find accessible bathrooms, highlighted the importance of this project for public health and equity. Mayor Eric Adams emphasized that improving access to public restrooms is crucial for making the city more livable and accommodating for everyone.

Source: Welcome to | City of New York

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