Government Sanctions Rs. 10 Crore for Mapping Accident Maps

Government Sanctions Rs. 10 Crore for Mapping Accident Maps

DelhiThe Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has said the government has sanctioned Rs 10 crore to Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) for locating regular accident prone spots in Delhi and suggests remedies to curb fatalities.

The mapping of accident hotspots will also improvise engineering interventions for implementation of appropriate improvement measures to curtail accidents at the same spots.

Similar funds will be offered to various states in the country to identify black spots and find engineering measures to rectify them. The Road Ministry will provide 50 percent of the cost for road engineering measures to the states.

Gadkari also launched a road safety website. India at present accounts for the highest number of road accidents in the world.

“The CRRI will identify the regular accident spots in the capital and find out road infrastructure deficiencies which are major cause of recurring of accidents at same spots, as per a statement from CRRI.”

“Many spots or road sections that have similar features show a high frequency of accidents. This means that the particular road environment instigates inappropriate driver responses leading to accidents,” he said, adding to identify and examine these locations and to characterise the safety deficiencies are a challenge for road engineers.




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