India to Launch 12 Earth Observations Satellites in PP Partnership

India to Launch 12 Earth Observations Satellites in PP Partnership

In a significant move to enhance India’s space capabilities, the government has announced its decision to part-fund 12 earth observation satellite launches under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model. The Centre is planning to introduce a variety of incentives to boost the domestic private space sector.

This includes creating a public-private partnership (PPP) model for earth observation (EO) satellites and offering incentives for satellite launches using domestic rockets from Indian launchpads.

The Indian space industry is poised to witness substantial growth with this initiative. By leveraging the PPP model, the government aims to reduce financial burdens while encouraging private investment and innovation. This collaborative approach is expected to accelerate the development and deployment of cutting-edge satellite technology, enhancing India’s position as a global leader in space exploration and satellite services.

To achieve this, In-Space has identified two key opportunities: ground station as a service and satellite as a service. “Three companies have already sought authorization to establish ground stations. Currently, only ISRO downloads satellite data. Non-Indian satellites passing through Indian airspace lack the facilities to download data within India. If such data is needed here, it is downloaded elsewhere and then transferred. The private sector can address this by setting up commercial ground stations,” explained Pawan Goenka, chairman of the Centre-affiliated space coordination body Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (In-Space).

Bengaluru-based Pixxel, specializing in satellite imagery and data analytics, is among the frontrunners vying for early commercial satellite clients, having already conducted revenue-generating commercial pilots, according to senior industry officials. Other contenders in the satellite manufacturing and services sector include Chennai-based Galaxeye and Bengaluru-based Digantara, among others, the officials added.

The government’s decision to part-fund 12 earth observation satellite launches through the PPP model marks a transformative step for the Indian space industry and the economy. By embracing private sector participation, India is poised to achieve greater self-reliance, technological advancement, and economic growth. While challenges exist, the collaborative efforts of government and private enterprises are expected to pave the way for a brighter future in space exploration and satellite technology.

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