OGP Releases P6 Seismic Bin Grid GIS Data Model

OGP Releases P6 Seismic Bin Grid GIS Data Model
OGP, UKThe International Association for Oil and Gas Producers (OGP, UK) has presented the OGP P6/11 seismic bin grid data exchange format. It defines parameters for a 3D seismic survey, aiming to optimise storage and visualisation of seismic data.
The P6/11 GIS Data Guidelines include the following parameters:
  • Coordinate Reference System (CRS) and coordinate transformation parameters between global and local geodetic CRS
  • Master bin grid definition/coverage
  • Bin grid origin and increments
  • Bin grid data attributes
  • Scale factor of the bin grid
  • Nominal bin width
  • Full fold definition/coverage



Since the creation of the original P6 format in 1998, Geographic Information System (GIS) has become a common application used by operators to manage, analyse and map geo-information. GIS enables integration of geo-information of which seismic positioning data is an essential component. The requirement to be able to visualise and use seismic bin grid definitions and data in GIS has become increasingly important for seismic positioning QC (is a bin grid in the correct geographic location relative to surrounding seismic surveys, wells, permits etc.); improved spatial understanding of seismic coverage and linking survey outlines to documents to enable map based search for seismic acquisition and processing reports.
Data model development
With this in mind, OGP has developed a GIS data model for the storage and visualisation of seismic bin grid definitions that is based on the new OGP P6/11 seismic bin grid exchange format. The P6 data model is to utilise the OGP Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM) design principles and at the same time it is a simple data model using two geodatabase feature classes (FCs) i.e. bin grid perimeter polygon FC (polygon) and a bin nodes FC (points). The feature classes are to contain tables to hold the key information carried in the OGP P6/11 format.

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