Sparton’s Improved Navigation Systems for Unmanned Vehicles and Weapons

Sparton’s Improved Navigation Systems for Unmanned Vehicles and Weapons


6- 6E_230_230_c1The Sparton Corp. Navigation and Exploration segment in De Leon Springs, Fla., has introduced the GEDC-6E improved gyro attitude and heading measurement system and the DC-4E enhanced tilt attitude heading system for unmanned vehicle navigation; weapons targeting; and precision guidance applications.

Sparton’s GEDC-6E and DC-4E navigation and guidance systems have improved in-field calibration algorithms that offer accuracy and reduced convergence time. The GEDC-6E has centripetal acceleration compensation for dynamic applications, and improved gyro stability.

The navigation and guidance systems also are for industrial & commercial applications in agricultural equipment; land surveying; geological surveying; mapping; transportation; robotics; and satellite communications antenna pointing.

Sparton Navigation and Exploration is a division of Sparton, Inc., a $174M electronics and electromechanical manufacturing firm. Sparton Navigation and Exploration have more than a century of experience in designing and building products for the government and industry worldwide, including systems, subsystems, and components, such as our inertial systems and advanced acoustic hydrophone.

Source: Military & Aerospace Electronics

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