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UC Santa Cruz Police Department has Launched Crime Mapping Website

According to recent news by the UC Santa Cruz, the UC Santa Cruz Police Department has launched a new website mapping crime reports on the UC Santa Cruz campus community.  The new website


Raleigh Police Department Launches Crime Mapping Tool

Raleigh, North Carolina Nov. 21, 2016- The Raleigh Police Department has launched an online crime-mapping tool that helps people to learn of crimes reported in areas that are of interest to them.


Delaware State Police Announces Crime Mapping Website

Delaware, USA Nov. 17, 2016 – Crime mapping is one tool that serves that purpose and is an extraordinary example of Delaware State Police (DSP) effort to leverage technology to


Uttar Pradesh Police to Launch a Web-based Crime Mapping System

Uttar Pradesh Police will launch a web-based crime mapping system on April 1 for “preventive policing” in the state, under which information of all cases registered in last five years


Delhi Police to Use Space Tech for Crime Control

The Delhi Police will soon start using space technology for live crime mapping and adopting a “predictive policing” mechanism being developed in partnership with the Indian Space Research Organisation. “The


Crime Mapping Tool for Better Crime Monitoring

Bair Analytics Inc. will be providing online crime mapping service to the London Police Service and public. Each occurrence is represented by an icon that, when selected, will reveal information about each