The 5most viewedTotal Stations on

The 5most viewedTotal Stations on

The website features a selection of the most important geomatics equipment, including Total Stations. At you can compare product specifications and read users’ reviews before you buy.

Credit: Worldoftest

Credit: Worldoftest is the first product comparison website for geomatic and hydrographic devices. provides a complete overview of Total Stations, GNSS Receivers, UAVs and other hardware and software categories. By comparing product specifications and reading product reviews by other users, you can make a well-balanced purchase decision.

This category now features, amongst others: GTS340Rs (GEO-ALLEN), RTS 330 (Foif), NPL-332 (Nikon),FOCUS35 (Spectra Precision),KTS-470C(Kolida),R10(South), and Pentax W-1500N (TI Asahi). Others will follow soon. If you have used any of these or similar products, visitGeo-matching.comto share your own experiences with the geomatic community.

In addition to UAV systems, also includes Mobile Mappers, digital cameras, laser scanners, Lidar, digital photogrammetric workstations and image processing software.

The following Total Stations were the most-viewed by the community in February 2015.

  1. S8                         – Trimble
  2. DS Series – Topcon
  3. NPL-322 -Nikon
  4. Pentax W800 Series – TI Asahi
  5. KTS-580 R Series – Kolida
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