Unveiling the Latest Enhancements in ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise: May 2024 Update

Unveiling the Latest Enhancements in ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise: May 2024 Update

Esri has announced an exciting array of updates in the May 2024 release of ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise, enhancing its capabilities for businesses seeking to leverage geographic data for better decision-making. This latest version includes new features and improvements that cater to both analysts and executives, empowering them to extract more valuable insights from their data.

Enhanced Data Management and Usability

One of the standout features of this release is the improved data management system. Users now have access to more flexible data import options, enabling them to seamlessly integrate data from various sources. This enhancement ensures businesses can incorporate diverse datasets into their analysis, providing a more comprehensive view of their market and operations.

The update also includes a revamped user interface, designed to improve usability and streamline workflows. The interface enhancements focus on intuitive navigation and better accessibility, making it easier for users to find the tools and information they need quickly.

Advanced Analysis Capabilities

The May 2024 update brings significant advancements in analysis capabilities. Notably, the new location-based insights feature allows users to conduct more precise spatial analysis. This tool provides detailed visualizations and deeper insights into geographic patterns, helping businesses to make informed location-based decisions.

Expanded Data Offerings

Esri continues to expand its data offerings with the inclusion of new datasets in the May 2024 release. These datasets cover a wide range of industries and geographic areas, providing users with richer and more diverse information to support their analyses. The expanded data offerings enhance the ability of businesses to conduct market research, competitor analysis, and site selection with greater accuracy and depth.

Specific Product Updates

ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server

The ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server has received notable updates aimed at enhancing data enrichment processes:

  • Reduced Installation Time and Memory Usage: New service architecture enhances mapping performance, faster data installation (2.5 hours vs. 4-5 hours), and lowers server memory usage.
  • Enhanced POI Search: AI-powered semantic search allows users to find a broader range of places without needing exact names.
Enhanced Point of Interest (POI) semantic search
Enhanced Point of Interest (POI) semantic search.
Image Credit: Esri

ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App updates

In the May 2024 update, the ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App has been enhanced to improve user experience and analytical capabilities:

  • Redesigned Smart Map Search: New industry-related variable lists, improved analysis extent setting, interactive results pane, and ability to save analysis layers.
  • Redesigned Guided Tours: Updated in-app level 1-5 tours with improved user interface and accessibility for better user experience.
  • Redesigned Suitability Analysis: New capabilities to define, rank, and score locations using standard geographies or hexagons.
  • Updated Adding Web Maps and Layers: New interface improves accessibility, creating a more inclusive user experience.
  • Improved Infographic Capabilities: New preview layout, Excel export, side-by-side improvements, multiple panels, conditional styling options, and more.
New Suitability Analysis workflow
New Suitability Analysis workflow.
Image Credit: Esri

ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro 

The latest release for Business Analyst Pro was on May 6, 2023. Improvements in Business Analyst Pro 3.3 included the new color-coded layer workflow, as well as the introduction of semantic search in Business Analyst data-consuming workflows. 

ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro
ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro.
Image Credit: Esri

Business Analyst widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder 

ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro has seen several updates designed to support advanced analysis and integration:

  • Search Setting: Toggle the map search tool on/off.
  • Data Source Drop-Down: Lists all available data for selected countries/regions, including multiple sources.
  • Preset Mode: Add custom instructions before viewing infographics.
  • Workflow Mode: Set a default infographic, enhanced navigation, search by name, sort by name/creation date, view preview thumbnails.
  • Theme Support: Customizable colors and fonts.

These updates improve usability and customization, enhancing the Business Analyst widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder.

Business Analyst widget in Experience Builder updates
Image Credit: Esri


The May 2024 update of ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise marks a significant step forward in empowering businesses with advanced geographic analysis tools. With enhanced data management, advanced analysis capabilities, improved collaboration features, and expanded data offerings, this release provides a robust platform for businesses to harness the power of geographic data. As businesses continue to seek ways to gain a competitive edge, the latest features in ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise offer invaluable tools to support strategic decision-making and drive success.

For more details on the May 2024 update and to explore the new features, visit the official Esri ArcGIS Blog.

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