Water Quality Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Measurements

Water Quality Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Measurements

NASA_logo.svgThe goal of the NASA Applied Remote SEnsing Training (ARSET) is to increase the utility of NASA earth science and model data for policy makers, regulatory agencies, and other applied science professionals in the areas of Health and Air Quality, Water Resources, Eco Forecasting, and Disaster Management.

The two primary activities of this project are webinars and in-person courses.

ARSET is sponsored by the Applied Sciences Program within NASA’s Earth Sciences Division.  We would like to thank Nancy Searby, Applied Sciences’ Capacity Builiding Program Manager for her support of this project

Course Objective: To introduce remote sensing data, their access, analysis, and applications for water quality (WQ) monitoring in coastal oceans, estuaries, and in-land lakes.

Duration: 11/18/2014 to 12/02/2014


  • Course-I: 8-9 AM,
  • Course-II: 1-2 PM,
  • Course-III: 10-11 AM ( Eastern US time)

There are three identical courses offered at three different times

Courses I and II are in English, and Course III is in Spanish

Please sign up for any ONE course. 

Course-I (8-9 AM, English) Information and Registration

Course-II (1-2 PM, English) Information and Registration

Course III (10-11 AM, Spanish) Information and Registration

Course Agenda:

  • Week-1: Introduction to Remote Sensing of WQ parameters
  • Week-2: NASA WQ Data, Access, and Tools
  • Week-3: Overview and Future Prospects of Remote Sensing of WQ Monitoring and Case Studies of Accessing WQ Data

A certificate will be awarded to participants who attend all three sessions and submit completed homework assigned during the course.

Skills Taught:

  • Search, access, and download of NASA data products and imagery
  • Appropriate use and interpretation of satellite imagery.
  • Visualization and analysis of NASA imagery using NASA, EPA, and NOAA webtools and other resources such as GIS, Google Earth, Panoply, RSIG, and HDFLook


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