Which Cloud GIS Software to Choose?

Which Cloud GIS Software to Choose?

The best cloud platform should be chosen for GIS projects because it will have a big impact on their success. For GIS projects, cloud computing offers a variety of benefits, including scalability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and access to cutting-edge tools and services. 

This article seeks to analyze some of the top cloud platforms for GIS while highlighting the special benefits and features of Cartovista.

Top Cloud GIS Software Solutions

There are several solutions available in the market of cloud GIS software, each with special advantages and skills. Here, we’ll examine a few of the leading candidates in more detail:


This is another excellent cloud GIS service with a user-friendly interface, powerful data visualization, and dynamic mapping. The ability to create maps quickly, dynamic data filtering, and seamless data source integration are key benefits. With its exceptional user-friendliness, 

Cartovista enables users of all GIS competence levels to easily build captivating maps and dashboards. Simple, open pricing options are available, allowing you to pay for the services you use as they are required. Additionally, you can give it a try without charge and without being obligated.


For developers looking to create customized applications and solutions, Mapbox stands out as a flexible cloud-based mapping platform. It provides flexibility for making unique maps enhanced with satellite imagery, street views, and more.

Esri ArcGIS

The government and educational sectors both make extensive use of Esri’s ArcGIS software, which has powerful tools for analysis and map production. It has some benefits, such as data access, analytical power, and straightforward map sharing. However, because of the subscription fees and usage credits, some users find it expensive and difficult to master. 

Google Earth Engine

Google’s massive Earth images and computing capacity are used by Google Earth Engine, a cloud-based platform for geospatial data processing. It provides access to image archives, potent remote sensing equipment, and advanced geospatial analysis tools. The commercial pricing for Google Earth Engine varies depending on consumption, which is advantageous for environmental applications.

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