Win $2,500 at 2014 Esri International Developer Summit

Win $2,500 at 2014 Esri International Developer Summit

Everybody loves a cool mapping app, but everyone loves a cool, responsive mapping app even more! The challenge again is to write the best mapping app with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript in 100 lines or less, except this time we’ll be giving extra marks for apps that run well across mutiple devices (desktops, tablets and phones).

Esri International Developer Summit

The prizes include one-year subscriptions to ArcGIS Online ($2500 each) and also a free 2015 Esri Dev Summit pass ($1000) for the overall winner.

To enter just make a pull request to submit your code (see How to Enter below). We’ll be announcing the winners live on stage at the 2014 Esri International Developer Summit, but don’t worry, you don’t need to attend the conference to win. Just submit your code on time and you are good to go.

Contest Period

  • Starts: 9:00 AM PST Friday, Feb 1, 2014
  • Closes: 6:00 PM PST Sunday Mar 9, 2014 (No entries will be accepted after this time.)


How to Enter

  1. Fork and then clone this repo.
  2. Add a sub-folder with your app in it (see example).
  3. Make a pull request on the master branch to submit your entry. This request represents your agreement to the Terms and Conditions.


  • Be sure to Pull and Merge from this repo to get the latest before making your pull request! We’ll publish the app on gh-pages for you.
  • Please create an Issue if you have a question.


  1. Max 100 (sloc) lines of client-side JavaScript code. Max 100 chars per line. Not compressed.
  2. Must use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.
  3. All ArcGIS JavaScript code must be in a single .js file (see Example below).
  4. Each project must contain an index.html file (see Example below).
  5. All project code (HTML, css, js…) must reside beneath a single root-level folder.
  6. Application must be fully functional, portable, deployable and accessible from any public web-enabled directory.
  7. Applications must be freely distributable via Apache 2.0 license.
  8. IMPORTANT: Libraries other than the ArcGIS API for JavaScript can be used and do not count toward the 100 line limit. Libraries referenced must be published and publicly available prior to February 1, 2014. So that means you can’t write libraries to hide your ArcGIS code! You can use previously published ArcGIS libraries however.

See all rules, terms and conditions here.

What can I win?

  • 1st Place – One year ArcGIS Online Subscription & Esri Developer Summit Pass for 2015
  • 2st Place – One year ArcGIS Online Subscription
  • 3st Place – One year ArcGIS Online Subscription

Judging Criteria

  1. Effective use of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript
  2. UX and UI
  3. Coding style
  4. Responsive design


Enter and Learn More at GitHub

Best of luck! Thumb up emoticon




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