World Bank Credits $153 Million to Odisha Disaster Recovery Project

World Bank Credits $153 Million to Odisha Disaster Recovery Project

Image Courtesy: India Today Online

Image Courtesy: India Today Online

In a recent news, World Bank has approves a $153 million to the state of Odisha in India to strength its capacity for disaster risk management and to build disaster resilient houses.

Last year Odisha was hit by Cyclone Phailin affecting 13.2 million people in 171 blocks in 18 Districts of the state.

World Bank assistance has been sought in rebuilding houses, slum improvements, and capacity building of the disaster risk management institutions. Another key component of this project will be to improve urban infrastructure in Berhampur, the largest city in Ganjam district and enhance the technical capacity of the state for managing future disaster risks.

Some of the activities that will be undertaken under this component include establishing an integrated complex comprising of Odisha State Management Authority (OSDMA), Geographical Information System (GIS) cell equipped with a decision support center, Emergency Operation Center and a training center; enhancing the capacity of the OSDMA by providing them specialized dedicated manpower and hiring technical experts in the areas of disaster risk management, hydro-met systems, risk assessment and financing, structural engineering, remote sensing and GIS; and enabling the affected marginalized communities to cope with survival risks posed by natural calamities through community-based initiatives.

“This project will focus on both reconstruction and disaster preparedness. It will help the government of Odisha by rebuilding houses including related infrastructure like roads, water supply, sanitation and power.  A very important part of the project will be to help the state to be better prepared for the future,” said Onno Ruhl, World Bank country director in India.

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