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Global Positioning System

South Korea to Have More Accurate GPS Navigation System

Soon the people in South Korea have more accurate GPS navigation systems in their car or vehicles.  South Korea has developed a technology to allow the use of an advanced


GIS for Defense and Intelligence

Most national security decisions involve geography. Whether assessing potential terrorist targets, planning where to strike on the battlefield, or deciding where to locate a new building with minimal environmental impact,

Remote Sensing

New Remote-Sensing Development Could Aid Disaster Relief

When earthquakes hit, emergency responders need to know quickly where to send their resources. A Michigan Technological University researcher and his graduate students believe they can help. Thomas Oommen, assistant

Remote Sensing

Egypt to Set Up National Agency for Space

Egypt is planning to set up a national agency for space, said Head of the National Agency for Remote Sensing Medhat Mokhtar on Thursday 05/09/2013. In statements to MENA, Mokhtar


USGS Releases More Than 400 Updated US Topo Maps of Alaska

More than 400 new topographic maps are now available for the state of Alaska. The new maps are part of the U.S. Geological Survey Alaska Mapping Initiative, to update foundational data

Remote Sensing

An Eye in the Sky to Catch Fish

An eye in the sky is all set to make waves in the fishing industry. A project that uses data from a remote-sensing satellite to identify potential fishing zones (PFZS)

Remote Sensing

New Landsat Data Just a Few Clicks Away From ESA

Thousands of never-before-seen data products from the US Landsat satellites acquired over 30 years have been released for online access. In addition, the newest data over Europe from the latest


World-Class Digital Photogrammetric Workstation

DAT/EM Systems International is an Alaska-based company that has been developing photogrammetric software since 1987. As a leading developer of photogrammetric hardware and software products and services, DAT/EM specializes in

Global Positioning System

Making GPS Must in Every Public Vehicle

New Delhi, India: In a move expected to improve the monitoring of public vehicles in the city, the Transport department is going to table a proposal in the Cabinet which

Global Positioning System

GPS: Solar Flares and Jamming

BBC Radio 4 describes how easy it is to jam GPS and that even solar flares can affect the navigation system. Among those interviewed in the show is Professor Catherine Mitchell of