GPS Tracking to Combat Domestic Violence

GPS Tracking to Combat Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence TrackingREPEAT domestic violence offenders could be strapped with GPS tracking bracelets and forced to foot the bill under a NSW government proposal.

NSW Community Services and Family Minister Pru Goward will take the proposal within the next week to a ministerial taskforce investigating ways to tackle domestic violence, including sentencing options.

A spokesman for Ms Goward confirmed the minister wanted to see the taskforce also look at funding options, including making perpetrators pay for the GPS bracelet themselves.

Karen Willis of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre said in certain circumstances a GPS tracking bracelet would be useful.

“I think there is merit in the idea but we can’t see that as the answer for everything,” she said.

Ms Willis said her concern was police being able to respond in a timely manner.

The violent domestic crimes taskforce, which Ms Goward will chair and Ms Willis is a member of, will look at support for witnesses and sentencing options for perpetrators.

The GPS proposal was visited in 2012 during a NSW parliamentary inquiry but there were concerns about the cost and reliability of a tracking system.

Ms Goward told Fairfax Media the tool should be visited again.

“We need to consider what other jurisdiction are doing to combat domestic violence and how advancements in technology may help improve the safety of victims and of course deter perpetrators,” she said.

The proposal has also been flagged in Western Australia.

Source: AAP

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