Insights and Reports You’ll Need with Your Time Tracking Software

The entire work scenario has seen a complete overhaul due to the policies and working-at-home regime that began with COVID-19. An average person spends 8 to 12 hours a day on their gadgets, but how much of it is for work?

Countless time tracking software is available in the market today, and they all offer a variety of features that you may or may not need to monitor your employee’s time spent on work and other tasks.

The efficient time-tracking software will even let you take a free trial, and you can click here to view it.

What Does Time-Tracking Software Do?

The motive of time tracking software is to measure the time you or an employee, freelancer, or any individual is spending on work. Instead of making manual entries on traditional record-keeping software, time-tracking software records from the moment you sign in to your device or the company system.

A time tracker software can also track time spent on specific campaigns, how long a team member was not assigned work, and other similar indicators. Most time-tracker software can be accessed from any gadget and has GPS features, which lets you accurately track your employee.

New software can have a facial recognition feature that ensures that your employees cannot use proxy check-ins and have to be at work to check in. 

Labor Costs

When you monitor your employee’s work, you gain access to all the websites, apps, and software they access while they are actively working for your organization.

Using a timesheet, you can calculate the amount of time an employee has spent on work during billable hours. In addition, it can be accessible to you in a graphical form, which will allow you to determine labor costs for each section of your organization.

Labor law compliance can also be made simpler with the help of time-tracking software, which will automatically apply your organization’s overtime policies to generate complaint payroll reports and create custom break entries to ensure that the mandated labor law compliance is being carried out.

Payroll Reports

You can also use time-tracking software to generate payroll reports for you automatically. It will calculate the employee’s billable hours from various timesheets with to-the-minute accuracy.

It saves you the hassle of manually calculating how many hours an employee has worked (including overtime) and how much they should be paid according to their designation and salary.

It is a practical feature for organizations that work by the hour for their clients or firms that employ many freelancers and want efficient ways to handle their billing. In addition, it can increase the transparency in your organization when employees know that their salary is computed by the software and is viewable by all.


Specific time-tracking software also allows you to gain an insight into your employee’s productivity. For example, with options such as ‘Summary of Week’ for all individual employees, you can see how many hours they were active for and how many hours were wasted.

It can help you understand the productivity levels of your staff and also determine whether it is the employee or the work that is affecting productivity in your organization.

When your employees are aware that their time is being monitored, it will help instill accountability within your workforce. Hence, your employees will be committed to completing tasks on time when their time is tracked.

Project Insights

You can also create graphs and detailed insights for specific campaigns and projects. It will let you see the contribution of each member of the team towards the active project.

It can be convenient when trying to decide who deserves an award due to their immense contribution throughout the project or campaign. Moreover, it will lead to greater motivation within your employees because they know the senior management will recognize their work.

Implement Time-Tracking Software to Gain Insights on You and Your Employees

Implementing time-tracking software for your entire organization can help you gain a better understanding of your employees. In addition, it will aid you in seeing the individual and collective performance of your employees.

Reports from time-tracking software can also inform you on the need to recruit more staff if the work is too demanding for the current employee force. It will prevent your employees from being overworked and unhappy with their jobs.

If you want to see the time-tracker software functions and the different features available for you, you can click here to view free software for individual use. Utilize the right time-tracking software for your organization to experience greater productivity and efficiency from your employees.

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