KARI and SIIS Announce Starting KOMPSAT DRS (Direct Receiving Station) Service in DLR

KARI and SIIS Announce Starting KOMPSAT DRS (Direct Receiving Station) Service in DLR

KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute, www.kari.re.kr) and SIIS (SI Imaging Services, www.si-imaging.com) are very pleased to announce that on April 1, we began to offer KOMPSAT (Korean Multi-Purpose Satellite) DRS (Direct Receiving Station) services with the cooperation of German Remote Sensing Data Center ofGerman Aerospace Center(DLR) in Neustrlitz, Germany.

SIIS is a leading provider of VHR (Very High Resolution) satellite imagery, especially an exclusive representative of KOMPSAT series, which were developed and operated by KARI.The KOMPSAT program is a part of the Korean government’s space development program, which provides very high-resolution satellite imagery to the global remote sensing community.

KOMPSAT 3A satellite image

Managing Director, Wook-hyun Choi from SIIS mentioned that “Through this service, which enables us to receive data at DLR site more than 2 times a day, we expect to have more KOMPSAT-3 Adata available (and its archive) and provide near-real-time services to Europe or further countries.”

SIIS contributes to Remote Sensing and Earth observation societies by providing very high resolution optical and SAR images through over 90 partners worldwide.

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