“MyGalileoDrone Competition 2020” Submission Open!

“MyGalileoDrone Competition 2020” Submission Open!


The European GNSS Agency (GSA), the operational agency of the European Commission for Galileo and EGNOS has launched its MyGalileoDrone competition on July 17. The increasing availability of Galileo–enabled receivers and the fast-growing market of drone-based applications and services, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) market activities are focusing on Galileo “Good Use” by increasing the awareness and stimulating its use by entrepreneurs and the general public.

The Challenge

Through this contest, the GSA aims at encouraging the development of applications and services based on drones using Galileo positioning, offering high accuracy and increased robustness, in order to stimulate business creation in this new, growing, and innovative market.

The competition is open to integration of Galileo in any of the drone
components or other equipment supporting the operations, that is, the flying platform (autopilot or other payload), the ground control station, or any other devices supporting the implementation of the application, such as smartphone, as well as external ones, such as U-Space services.

This contest is targeting the design and development of drone-based applications or services, using a Galileo-enabled receiver, that address the EU’s key priorities such as the Green Deal and supports the EU Recovery Plan for Europe. Initial ideas should be submitted by 31 August. A wide participation from all Member States is expected.

Each participating team shall propose an application / service targeting one of the following innovation areas:

  • Drones for European Green Deal
  • Drones for European Digital Strategy
  • Drones to Protect our European way of life
  • Drones for Resilience & the European Recovery

What’s on offer?

Each member of the teams participating in the Finals will receive a certificate of reaching the final
stage. Additionally, the winner teams of the contest will receive the following Prizes:

  • 1st Prize of the GSA Evaluation Board: € 100.000 (one hundred thousand Euro)
  • 2nd Prize of the GSA Evaluation Board: € 60.000 (sixty thousand Euro)
  • 3rd Prize of the GSA Evaluation Board: € 40.000 (forty thousand Euro)
  • 4th Prize of the GSA Evaluation Board: € 30.000 (thirty thousand Euro)

Prizes shall be awarded in accordance with the principles of transparency and equal treatment and shall promote the achievement of policy objectives of the Union.

The GSA reserves the right to propose an additional Prize under the present Terms of Reference at any time until the closure of the First step.

The Schedule

GSA MyGalileoDrone Competition 2020

Read more information on GSA MyGalileoDrone Competition 2020 website

Read more MyGalileoDrone Competition 2020 Competition Terms of Reference

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