PCI Geomatics Webinar: Ortho-Mosaicking with Geomatica

PCI Geomatics Webinar: Ortho-Mosaicking with Geomatica

Webinar: Ortho-Mosaicking with Geomatica

PCI Geomatics is the developer of Geomatica- a complete and integrated desktop software that features tools for remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, geospatial analysis, map production, mosaicking and more. Geomatica software enables users to apply imagery in support of a wide range of applications such as the environment, agriculture, security and intelligence, defense, as well as in the oil and gas industries.

webinar on ortho mosiacking

Webinar Description:

Learn how to use Geomatica’s advanced new mosaicking algorithms and interactive tools to achieve professional results faster and with ease.

What You’ll Learn:

In this 30min webinar, PCI Geomatics experts will demonstrate:

  • New ‘Bundle’ automatic colour balancing algorithm
  • End-to-end workflow
    • Automatic colour balancing & cutline generation
    • Quick cutline editing
    • New dodging point editing
    • Automatic Exposure Correction
    • Post Mosaic Editing

Date & Time:

  •  Oct. 22, 2015 at 4am EDT (8am GMT)
  •  Oct. 22, 2015 at 2pm EDT (6pm GMT)

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