Webinar: Raster Processing In Global Mapper

Webinar: Raster Processing In Global Mapper

Raster Processing In Global Mapper
November 19, 2015
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Blue marbel webinarIn many GIS processes and procedures, raster data serves as a static base map or reference layer upon which vector data is rendered and given a locational context. While vector data is rightfully considered to be inherently editable and interactive, more often than not raster layers simply act as a platform or a foundation in the analysis workflow. In reality, it is unfair to relegate raster data to a supporting role in the broader field of spatial analysis. Both individually and collectively, every pixel that comprises a raster layer contains information that exposes a wealth of valuable data, reveals patterns in data distribution, and creates a more complete picture of the area of study. Global Mapper provides a number of tools for utilizing or analyzing raster layers and in the latest monthly webcast, we will explore the raster processing capabilities of the current release. Topics will include:

  • Rectifying an image file to create a geo-referenced raster layer
  • Adjusting transparency, contrast, and other imagery properties
  • Cropping, tiling, and mosaicking raster layers
  • Creating vector area features from selected pixel colors in a raster layer
  • Feathering and blending overlapping images
  • Using the raster calculator to analyze multi-band imagery (e.g. NDVI and NBR)
  • Best practices for batch processing raster data

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