PDF3D Version 2.16 Focuses on CAD, CAE, Panoramic 360 and Engineering

PDF3D Version 2.16 Focuses on CAD, CAE, Panoramic 360 and Engineering

PDF3D have released their latest update, Version 2.16, and deliver a powerful list of features for CAD users, CAE engineers, panoramic 360 photographers and 3D designers.

June 25, 2018 – London – Leading 3D PDF conversion developers, PDF3D, have released their latest suite update: Version 2.16, which goes far beyond a bug fix and general update. This latest release demonstrates PDF3D’s commitment to their CAD/DWG users, as well as their growing 3D design and image capture community.

As expected, PDF3D’s ReportGen & SDK have received various incremental bug fixes and updates, but it’s the new features that are gaining most attention with V2.16. In addition to bringing the suite up to date with AutoCAD 2018, the developers at PDF3D have sneaked in some unexpected treats for engineers, designers and photographers.

Key features of V2.16 include:

  • Large mesh texture-image handling menus
  • Panoramic scene control menus
  • CAD format conversion improvements
  • Engineering analysis result workflows
  • WebGL export

“We have so many new features coming this year to the PDF3D suite, we couldn’t wait until major version to let some of them out of the bag,” explained Ian Curington, Chief Developer and Managing Director at PDF3D. “Our clients in the manufacturing, engineering, geospatial, forensics, architecture and dental markets have all been extremely active in our recent developments, which has resulted in a raft of exciting new features that raise the bar in 3D PDF conversion.”

PDF3D have built their long-established reputation on delivering much more than one-click 3D PDF conversion and remain focused on adding features that enhance both the presentation and viewing experience of 3D images.

With popular features such as fully interactive viewing controls, stop/start animations, and a seemingly endless list of visual reporting enhancements, colours, textures, styling and templates in the box, it’s clear why developers and end-users continue to return to PDF3D.

And, when data security is on the minds of most, it’s reassuring to know that conversion of 3D data into 3D PDF via PDF3D technology is a wise choice for locking down images when sharing and archiving – without sacrificing image quality.

PDF3D V2.16 is now available for Quick Request download at www.pdf3d.com where a full list of features and formats can also be viewed.

PDF3D What’s New in Release 2.16.0, Feature Overview from PDF3D on Vimeo.

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PDF3D ( www.pdf3d.com ) produce a suite of widely respected software products and plugins for engineers, scientists and developers who need to communicate complex data and 3D models to others in the universally accessible PDF format. PDF3D’s technology provides the fastest and easiest-to-use, highly compressed 3D PDF conversion available for an ever-increasing range of formats and tools. From 3D CAD to GIS, DWG and LIDAR, PDF3D works closely with users and programmers within the engineering, geospatial, geology, aerospace, architecture, medical and product packaging communities worldwide.

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