Sentinel Data Free and Open for Pre-registration

Sentinel Data Free and Open for Pre-registration
Image Credit: ESA

Image Credit: ESA

In anticipation of the launch for Sentinel-1A, the European Space Agency is pleased to announce the possibility for users to pre-register for online access to Sentinel data.

The free, full and open data policy adopted for the Copernicus programme foresees access available to all users for the Sentinel data products, via a simple pre-registration.

Following registration, the user will have the possibility to immediately download a test data set that simulates the data products that will be generated by Sentinel-1. Following launch, registered users will be granted early access to Sentinel-1 data samples, even before the full operational qualification of the products is completed.

Who Needs to Register:

Registration is open to all users via simple on-line self-registration accessible via the Sentinel Data Hub.

Existing Copernicus/GMES users (e.g. members of the Copernicus/GMES Core Services and Downstream Services projects) already registered in the Copernicus Space Component Data Access need not register on this service, they are served via the existing access point.

Member States requiring data for national initiatives in the frame of the Sentinels Collaborative Ground Segment need not register on this service, they are served via the existing access point.

Technical information of all Sentinel missions together with detailed definitions of the users products can be found on Sentinel Online.

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