SuperGIS Webinar: Smart Industrial Hazard Management with GIS

SuperGIS Webinar: Smart Industrial Hazard Management with GIS

Smart Industrial Hazard Management with GIS

To avoid chemical accident causes fatal damage of public lives, emergency dispatchers need various resources to plan prevention and response in advanced.

Join SuperGIS Webinar and learn more about SuperGIS Desktop in environmental emergency prevention!

supergis webinar on industrial hazard management

You will see how to

  • Characterize the risk potentials of toxic chemicals on the maps
  • Analyze affected population and environment for prevention
  • Provide the basis for developing emergency strategies
  • Build up interactive map for public to understand the risk in environment


Wednesday, 17thJune
11:00 AM (New York Time)
Your Local Time (

Who should attend?

GIS professionals, analysts, fire officers, police officers, environmental emergency dispatchers and anyone who are interested in increasing work efficiency with GIS Tech

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superGIS speaker

Sydney Lai
Product Specialist
Supergeo Technologies

Sydney graduated from the Geography Department of National Taiwan University and has a master degree in GIS. With experiences and education in GIS analysis, planning, and data management, she is well familiar with SuperGIS products and applications projects in geographic works.

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